REVIEW: LIOELE Vita Shake Pack


Official website:

Price: around 14$ on (full shake – 20 pieces).


All types in the series:

vita shake lioele 01

I have Papaya and Apple Mango, so I’ll review them.

EOS_0061 EOS_0062

How to use?

Apply one pouch amount onto your face (avoid eyes area). Sufficiently rinse your face after 10-15 minutes.

EOS_0066 EOS_0063


  • My skin was smooth and well moisturized after Mango (but it could be better), and a little bit lifted and brightened after Papaya (good before big night).
  • Easy to apply. Interesting jelly consistensy.
  • Great fruity smell.
  • Skin looks nice and fresh.


  • This jelly consistensy is a little hard to wash out. Perhaps better to wipe the excess with a tissue first and then wash your face.

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