REVIEW: TheBalm Balm Voyage! Holiday Face Palette


Official website:

Price: I bought it in – it’s 42,50$ on the official website


Description:  Take your look in whichever direction you desire with this season’s passport to instant glamour. Balm Voyage is a travel-friendly palette that contains 16 jet-setting shadows paired with 3 lip and cheek creams that stow away conveniently in your carry on. These luxuriously pigmented shadows have high visibility and can be used wet for an extended stay.





Gallery of all eyeshadow and lipstick colours (from the left):

Below my makeups made with this palette.

TheBalm Balm Voyage Makeup

In daylight: I made the lipstick from combination of red and orange, I put it with my finger – you can graduate intensity of the colour; Brows: B3, Eyes: D4, C3, D3; Under eyes: C4, B4; cake eyeliner Ben Nye; Skin79 BB Cream Pink; Ben Nye Translucent Powder in Fair; Graftobian Blush in Raspberry Wine. Eyelashes Neicha – I’m testing them now.


Artificial light: Brows: shadow B3 (lighter than photo above because without Refectocil henna). Under eye: A1; Eyes: D2, B4, C3; Skin79 BB Cream Snail Nutrition, Ben Nye Translucent Powder in Fair, Bell 2Skin Blush 052, cake eyeliner Ben Nye, Colossal Kajal Maybelline

Makeup I made, mostly with C4 eyeshadow; Ardell Demi Wispies eyelashes; Graftobian HD foundation

Makeup I made with C4 eyeshadow; Ardell Demi Wispies eyelashes; Graftobian HD foundation


  • Lipsticks are amazing. Creamy, well pigmented, long lasting (without eating), they don’t dry out the lips. You can mix the colours!
  • Eyeshadows well pigmented.
  • Magnetic opening: easy to use and transport.
  • Beautiful box, solid and with stylish graphics.
  • Eyeshadows B3 and C3 are good for brows.
  • Eyeshadow C4 is the best (in my opinion) – great pigmentation and metallic finish.


  • Eyeshadow A2 is weirdly falling (as you can see on the photo of the swatches). But looks good on the eyelid (especially in the daylight). Remember to get excess from the brush before applying it.
  • Bright, matte eyeshadows not as well pigmented as darker ones. The same issue as in the Balmsai palette.

This is a great palette for day and night uses. I don’t like the colours of eyeshadows B2, C2, D1 – I’d prefer some others. Eyeshadows are bigger than in the Balmsai palette. I think I like it more than Balmsai, altough I like brow eyeshadows in Balmsai very much. Voyage has great lipsticks instead. Worth the price. It’ll last ages. 

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